How Laser Hair Removal Works

CH1011_Laser_lead_WEB.ashxLaser hair removal uses focused light energy to send a death knell to individual hair follicles under the skin. Do you want to get into a bikini without worrying about those ugly red razor bumps? Laser hair removal can take care of that. Session times are very short. Hair follicles can be damaged in the anagen growth stage.

Treatment Process

Treatment areas can be free of hair in as little as six treatments. This treatment works best with a combination of pale skin and darker hair. We recommend stopping any tanning during the overall time that any laser treatments will be performed. It does take two to three weeks for those hair follicles to damage and work its way out of the pore. The most significant results come after the third treatment. This does not necessarily mean that the hair follicle have not been damaged. You may have two or three hairs within one follicle and the treatments may remove only one or two of those hairs during each cycle. You can expect the hair to be much thinner after a few treatments.


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